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Within the Park's facilities, companies operate in an exclusively industrial environment, ensuring continuity and quality in all services required for efficient operation. In addition, internal regulations and investment in the Park provide that, in the long term, there will be no residential settlements due to the city's growth.
The Duarte Industrial Park has an integrated security management system certified by the Authorized Economic Operator standard. This system includes access controls monitored by 24-hour CCTV, security cameras distributed throughout the Park, vehicle and motorcycle patrols for surveillance within the Park, which visit each facility multiple times a day 24/7, 365 days a year.
The Park has an electrical substation interconnected to the lines of the Dominican Electricity Transmission Company (ETED) in the 69,000V network, which guarantees a continuous and reliable supply of electricity to customers at highly competitive prices. It also has a water supply system with a storage reservoir of approximately 1 million gallons of water, connected to its own well field, guaranteeing a continuous supply with the capacity to meet any industrial water needs within the Park.
Within the Park, large multinational industries operate, including "Fortune 500" companies, as well as some of the most important business groups in the Dominican Republic.