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Dos Pinos celebrates 75 years expanding its borders

Located in the Duarte Industrial Park, about 22 kilometers from the Capital of the Dominican Republic, it has 8,500 m2 of construction and is one of the most modern and technical plants of its kind in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo.- The Cooperativa de Productores de Leche Dos Pinos RL celebrates 75 years of experience, positioned as one of the most important companies in the dairy industry and with a high degree of innovation in its products. Established in Costa Rica, the brand installed its plant in the Dominican Republic in 2018, betting on growth throughout Latin America.

Dos Pinos has experienced constant growth that began with the production of cattle feed concentrates, until it became the largest dairy company in Central America and the Caribbean. Its market position is synonymous with quality, innovation and high nutritional value.

“The company expands its borders and reaches the Dominican Republic, a country with great potential where we installed the most recent plant outside of Costa Rica (2018 started operations). Achieving an impact on employment, on economic dynamism, the clients and countries we supply, the capacities of our plant, the innovation that we export from the parent company to bring products of great nutritional value and in accordance with the trends of the Dominican consumer” , explained the international business director of the Cooperative, Luis Alberto Alfonso.

In that order, he assures that Dos Pinos has worked hard to produce and industrialize 100% cow’s milk of the highest quality, being considered one of the best worldwide. In addition, one of the leading companies in the non-dairy beverage category, where innovation and diversification predominate as one of the fundamental pillars on which the brand has been built.

Due to the diversification of its business model with the incorporation of well-known brands such as the purchase of the Gallito candy and chocolate brand that is present in the region, as well as Las Heladerías La Estación (Costa Rica).

Your arrival in the country

Founded in 1947 by a group of 25 visionary men with an agricultural vocation, who constituted what is today a cooperative model of 100% Costa Rican capital, with an important distributive and dynamic effect on the Costa Rican and regional economy.

Dos Pinos continues to strengthen and consolidate its expansion and growth strategy in natural markets, in this case with the entry into operation of its production plant in the Dominican Republic. This is the first plant that the company starts from scratch outside of Costa Rica, which demonstrates the confidence of the group in investing in the country.

“The Dominican Republic represents a country with great potential for commercial growth, holding privileged positions in terms of economic performance, proof of this is that the Dominican Republic is the country with the highest economic growth in Latin America, with 5.4%, accumulating six years with a average economic growth close to 6% per year, according to ECLAC,” said Alfonso.

The Dos Pinos Cooperative revealed that the project is carried out in synergy with the Corripio Distributor, a company with more than 50 years of marketing prestigious brands in the Dominican Republic. Corripio Distributor is also one of the most recognized and leading brands in the food industry in that country.

Located in the Duarte Industrial Park, about 22 kilometers from the Capital of the Dominican Republic, it has 8,500 m2 of construction. It is one of the most modern and technical plants of its kind in the Dominican Republic.

It also has a modern wastewater treatment plant and fire alarm systems, made up of a raw material receipt, an area for formulation, filling, and a place for finished products. With a processing capacity of 250,000 liters per day, the cooperative company currently employs about 165 employees directly.

In addition, in 2021 the Dominican operation contributed to the treasury close to USD$1.5 million in tax payments.

About Dos Pinos Cooperative

Dos Pinos is made up of almost 1,300 associated producers in Costa Rica, of which 92% are small and medium milk producers, the primary sector is an indivisible part of the Cooperative. The efficiency and competitiveness are reflected in the supply and quality of milk for the industrial process. In the region, 1,600,000 liters of milk of the highest quality are collected daily.

The Cooperative also brings together close to 600 collaborating members. It generates about 5,500 jobs in the region, of which 4,500 are in Costa Rica, directly impacting some 70,000 families.

It exports to 11 countries: the United States, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, and Belize; it has production plants in Costa Rica (6), Nicaragua (1), Panama (1) and now the Dominican Republic (1).