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Duarte Industrial Park receives more than 3 thousand applicants

The Duarte Industrial Park offers a guarantee of growth, an environment with the guarantee of continuity and quality in all the required services.

SANTO DOMINGO.- Nearly 3,500 job applications were received in person at the job fair held by the Duarte Industrial Park on March 24 and 25, aimed at attracting engineering, technical and worker professionals for companies that operate within of the facilities.

The applicants applied for Rubber Tech, Henríquez Soliciones Logísticas, Masco, Ecovial, Basáltica, Nesplas and PID Free Zone, Bravo, Lanco, Pepsico, Gerdau Metaldom, Basáltica, Dos Pinos, and Cerarte among others, according to a press release issued by the administration.

The Duarte Industrial Park is located at kilometer 23 of the Duarte highway, after the intersection of the Municipal District of La Guáyiga and La Cuaba, in the Pedro Brand municipality.

“With this initiative, our expectations were exceeded, and we feel extremely proud that, through it, we were able to generate a positive impact in our society, facilitating the recruitment of personnel to enter the working life of the Dominican Republic and boosting the national economy,” says the press office.

The note indicates that many of these applicants have been contacted by some of the companies, interested in their services and are being evaluated by their human talent management departments, with the opportunity to be part of them.

“We are satisfied with the management, we generate opportunities for professionals, technicians and workers, who will soon be part of the park and, most importantly, are the multiple growth opportunities offered by the contracting companies,” the note states.

It indicates that those who could not attend the days of the fair, can send their curriculum to atracciondetalentopid@gmail.com, with the guarantee that they will be evaluated and made available to interested companies.

The note points out that the importance of the industrial sector and that the administration is committed to providing companies with properly conditioned spaces and a first-class infrastructure, with a variety of comprehensive services that guarantee optimal conditions to operate efficiently and sustainably and with guarantee for the workers.

“In the Duarte Industrial Park you live in an environment with the guarantee of continuity and quality in all the services required for an efficient operation.

In addition to this, the internal regulations and the investment in it represent a guarantee that there will be no housing settlements as a result of the growth of the city, which is a guarantee of permanence for the industrial sector”, the note specifies to add that this it serves as an endorsement for the thousands of future employees who went to the recently held fair with aspirations.