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Industries have the challenge of meeting global demand

The general director of the Center for Industrial Development and Competitiveness (Pro Industria), Ulises Rodríguez, affirmed yesterday that the industries in the Dominican Republic are experiencing tremendous growth.

During a visit to Listín Diario, Rodríguez expressed that this sector went from having a timid demand to a great demanddue to the economic, political, and social stability that prevails in the country placing it in a good position internationally.

He emphasized that with the Covid-19 pandemic and the container crisis, the supply chain was interrupted, which meant that many companies located in China could not supply the regional, European, and American markets.

However, he said that with this scenario the country continued to produce, and opted for the purchase of the vaccine in time while marketing products to developed nations through the free zone system.

“That made a series of companies that had withdrawn, others that were expanded, begin to arrive in the DR. So, we realized that something was happening, add to that the appreciation of the peso against other currencies,” Rodríguez commented.

Given this context, Rodríguez announced that nearly 300 applications for industrial warehouses in free zones and other industries outside this model have been registered so far, to engage in the manufacture of agricultural products, textiles, medical devices, materials expendables, electrical switches and cocoa goods, all of these with export capacity.

He maintained that when he took office, there were around 12 requests made for these purposes.

The official said that from Proindustria they contact the other parks that can offer spaces for the establishment of these manufactures while channeling other areas from that institution.

In addition, he highlighted that they recovered 40 warehouses, expanded and built new ones,as was the case with the two warehouses of 1,600 square meters each and the land to develop the infrastructure of the warehouses is about 107 thousand square meters, which will be built in the duty-free zone of the San Juan de la Maguana province with a projected investment of approximately RD$95 million, and whose first launch took place on Sunday, August 25.

Parks Reopen
The official said that three free zone parks have reopened in the last two years, such as the one in the Salcedo municipality, which was closed for 14 years, as well as in Cotuí and La Vega with the purpose of managing and serving them.

He recalled that in a general sense, 18 of these industrial areas operate in national territory.

Almost 200 thousand jobs
According to information, 191,315 direct jobs have been generated in this sector as of August 2022, with a view to increasing due to the implementation of other free zones in the country.

The development institution recently began renovation work on the industrial park of the San Francisco de Macorís free zone, where 3,000 jobs will be generated.

This park has 10 industrial warehouses.
In these, Industrias San Miguel del Caribe (ISM), Nova Textil and Macorís Shoes operate, which generate some 180 direct jobs.

Rodríguez highlighted that there are a total of 3,335 industrialists in the country, and that more and more are integrated, which is why they enjoy the incentives of Law 392-07 on Industrial Competitiveness and Innovation.

This, due to the impact of Decree 31-22, mainly on 18 public institutions, which instructed the Government to prioritize micro, small and medium-sized industries in the purchasing and contracting processes of some State institutions.

It should be noted that Proindustria acts as a regulatory and representative entity for all projects, plans, and measures in this sector, with the necessary character and responsibility, which allow it to be truly and effectively competitive.

The director of Proindustria attended the Listín Diario in the company of the executives, José Carlos Guerrero, César Almonte, Ilonka Acosta and Yarisabel Marmolejos.

Industrial Diversification
The DR industrial park is diversified and is not limited to the production of textile products.

With the approval of the Proindustria law, the modernization and renewal of the country’s industrial sector are encouraged.

Registered industries may receive the incentives provided by law.